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International Home Study is an international online learning college specialising in providing quality online courses.

As a result of being solely online. We are able to offer a variety of online courses in numerous sectors. Above all, we enable you to achieve your goals, change direction, or set out on a new path.

Online Courses

International Home Study is an international online learning college specialising in providing quality online courses.

As a result of being solely online. We are able to offer a variety of online courses in numerous sectors. Above all, we enable you to achieve your goals, change direction, or set out on a new path.

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International Home Study pride themselves in bringing together education in over 130 countries worldwide. Whether you are studying IGCSEs or A Levels, International Home Study have got you covered.

Our online courses are designed to be studied from anywhere; that is why they appeal to UK learners and international learners alike. As long as you have internet access, you can study at any time of the day and control your own destiny.

We are able to offer an international version of GCSEs and A Levels, in order that examinations can be taken worldwide. As a student, you will have access to your student portal 24 hours a day so that you can study your course online, with the help of your Tutor.

On your terms

Significantly, you are able to study our worry - free online courses from anywhere. As long as you have access to the internet, you are able to login to the online portal at home, in a café, in the library, or anywhere else.


There’s no need to give up your job or make any drastic changes to your lifestyle to study with us. Chiefly, distance education courses are flexible and designed to fit in around your already busy lifestyle. You can get prepared for new exciting career prospects, without worrying about letting other commitments go.

Reach your goals

Firstly, studying online demonstrates that you are self-motivated and capable of your own learning management. Secondly, It displays that you are capable of managing your own time. Thirdly, that you are in control of your own aims and determined to do better. Finally, it indicates that you are dedicated to your own professional development. In summary, it shows just what you are capable of.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Tutors will be there to support you, answering any questions you may have and also provide you with graded feedback on your assignments; which will help you to stay on track.

Obviously, the ideal situation is for learners to be able to attend a conventional school or college but as this is not always an option, online learning is the next best thing. As long as you are able to plan your day, work on your own initiative and stay motivated, you will be able to achieve your qualifications and reach your future goals.

a level courses
A Level Courses

Online A Level Courses

International Home Study offers A Level online courses in a range of subjects. They open opportunities for further education at degree level and are highly thought of from university and employers alike. 

International A Level Courses

Coupled with, offering UK based A Levels, we offer International A Level qualifications for students studying abroad. As a result, A Levels are an accessible course to study anywhere in the world. 

International A Levels
International A Level Courses
functional skills online course
Functional Skills Courses

Functional Skills Online Courses

English, Mathematics and IT Functional Skills are studied at Level Two standard. These exam-based courses have more frequent dates available for sitting your exams. With this in mind, you can gain a Level Two qualification much quicker than if you were studying GCSE. You will have access to an online learning portal that is designed to get you ready for your exam. Upon completion of the skills plan you will be ready to sit your exam at a local exam centre.

IGCSE Courses Online

IGCSEs are recognised by educational institutions and employers alike. Therefore, they demonstrate proof of knowledge and competence in a subject. In addition, they act as a stepping stone to higher levels of study. Consequently, our iGCSE online courses give a good solid introduction to any subject. 

IGCSE Courses
IGCSE Courses
english maths level 2
English & Maths Courses

English and Maths Level 2 Certificate Courses

If you do not wish for a qualification at Level Two standard, but would rather gain a certificate to prove ability in English and Maths. We also offer the English and Maths Level 2 course. However, if your aim is for employment, or for further education it is best to check whether this would be acceptable. In that case, the Functional Skills courses may be a better fit as that is a full accredited qualification.

However, the Certificate in Level 2 is a popular option. There is less stress associated as there is no exam with our Level 2 certificate program. Finally, upon course completion, you will be awarded a Level Two Certificate to pop into your CV.

Enjoy distance learning with us

Coupled with our outstanding tutors who will support you with all aspects of your online study from start to finish. We additionally have excellent online resources. In essence, our goal at International Home Study is that not only will our students learn with us. Moreover, they will enjoy learning with us.

Our courses have been developed specifically for an online audience. While our fantastic tutors are only a message away, you’ll soon feel part of an online learning community. Above all else, everybody at International Home Study wants you to succeed!

Flexible online courses, distance learning.

All of our subjects are fully online allowing you to learn in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. Significantly, online learning doesn’t require engagement at certain times as course materials are available at all times. Thus giving the freedom and flexibility to choose when, where and how to study. 

Online education allows you to be more independent. For instance, it often shows employers that you are capable of self-management, and you are responsible for your own development. Furthermore, you will learn vital skills that are important in everyday life. For example, time-management, setting and completing goals, and becoming more self-motivated.

No Entry Requirements

When studying with International Home Study , admission to the courses is simple. As a matter of fact, we do not ask for any entry requirements to access the courses. Consequently, all of our courses appeal to learners of all abilities and ages.

All of our advisors want the very best for you. Of course, we are happy to help in any way we can to guide you on your next steps. 

Case Study:

Estelle is 16 years old and was unable to finish her GCSEs due to a long illness, which prevented her from completing secondary education. She is now studying 4 IGCSE subjects and is hopeful of completing her exams in the Autumn series. Although she still struggles to study some days, Estelle is able to catch up at times when she is feeling better and enjoys access to our online library, where she can find further reading materials to help her.

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