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A Level Courses //

Welcome to our UK A Level courses homepage, offering distance learning Online A Levels that can be studied in your own time, at your own pace. 

A Level Courses online, offer wonderful flexibility to students who are struggling to attend traditional colleges due to time constraints or accessibility issues and you do not have to skimp on quality in order to gain these valuable qualifications.

Online learning has never been so simple!

online a level courses

Course Subjects //

We offer a large range of A Level Courses and subjects for our UK Learners.  Please see below for our full list.





Classical Studies

Computer Science


English Language

English Literature

Environmental Science




Marine Science





Religious Studies


Learn Online A Levels with Distance Learning //

A Levels were introduced in 1951 to replace the higher school certificate. This allowed students to decide which subjects they wished to study in a more in-depth form. The original A Levels were marked on a distinction, pass, or fail basis. As the mark scheme changed to the more modernised system we see today, more students decided to progress down this route and complete their Online A Levels.

It is common knowledge that Online A Levels are the traditional qualifications that are offered by schools and colleges for students.  They generally focus on academic subjects and are very highly valued by employers and universities alike, opening numerous opportunities for further study and career progression.  You usually study three or more A Levels over two years and they are assessed by a series of exams.  You can also complete A Level Courses within 12 months if you have a tight deadline to meet and your Tutor will fast-track you at no additional cost.

Online A Levels are recognised by many universities worldwide as the main method of assessing candidates who wish to apply for higher education.  As we have modernised the way Online A Levels have been taught and with the development of the student portal, your course is administered in an organised, structured format. You will find all aspects of your course located in the same place, so no more searching for the relevant information.

There are many reasons to choose A Level Courses online, such as flexibility, time management, individual focused learning and more. With our A Level online courses, you will have access to course materials covering the specification required, assessments with feedback, access to your Tutors via the online learning portal and access to a whole range of resources.

A Level Courses FAQs //

Subjects such as IGCSE Maths and English are required for most universities, courses, apprenticeships, and jobs. A level 4 or grade C will open more opportunities for you but you should always check with your chosen university what their entry requirements are. Although sixth forms colleges can offer these courses, it is not always the most flexible option. Obstacles such as existing jobs, childcare or mental health can prevent people using traditional forms of education. Therefore, you may decide to complete an online course which allows you to achieve qualifications at your own pace. Though Maths and English are popular among universities and colleges, you may also decide to take other subjects such as Geography or ICT, which are popular with many learners.

If you feel you would like to begin with an IGCSE course you can check out our IGCSE page. We have a variety of IGCSEs so there is something for everyone and you won’t have any difficulty choosing.

The subject you wish to study depends on your interests and what you might like to do in the future. If you wish to work in science, such as becoming a doctor or a biologist, you may decide to do biology or chemistry. If your wish is to become a marine biologist we have the perfect course for you, where you can delve into the study of the ocean; gaining a knowledge of the complexity of the sea, with our Marine Science A level. Are numbers your thing?  A level Maths or Accounting may be just what you are looking for. Book lovers may enjoy English literature, where you can study classic texts, then analyse them to develop an understanding of literature.  Not only do we have many UK A Levels, we have not forgotten our international learners and have a huge range of international A Levels to choose from. Our international students benefit from both Cambridge International and Pearson Edexcel, so you could say, we’ve got it covered!

If you think you are at the very beginning of your educational journey you may decide to begin with one of our Functional Skills Courses. These courses will really allow you to grasp the basic skills that are necessary throughout your daily life. Functional Skills Maths, English and ICT are all available.

You may decide to study online for flexibility, this allows you to take your time when learning and not put yourself under pressure. It also means you can fit your studies around things that are already a priority in your life, such as looking after your children or a full-time job. You can read more about this on our most recent blog post. Traditional colleges do not allow for much wiggle room in the way you learn, it can sometimes feel very restrictive and does not fit into the average adult’s daily life. College and sixth form do not always suit all students and does not allow for a change in the way they are taught. As an adult it is also easier to arrange your studying around your life if the course is online, this means you do not have to go into a new environment every day and you can just pick it up and study wherever you are. Online study also allows you to travel with your course, meaning you can study on the train or even in a completely different country. Learning online, enables you to study from anywhere at any time so that you are in charge of your life, rather than the other way around.

It is never too late to learn new things or change careers. With technology making strides every day, now is the best time to take your future into your own hands. By learning on your own terms, you can find out what works for you and motivate yourself to achieve your goals. If you are an older student, you may find that you are much more focused than when you were back in school as you understand the reasons why you are trying to achieve your qualifications.  

If you would like to join everyone’s favourite online learning college, why not enrol today!

A Level or International A Level?

Whether you are studying within or outside the UK, both Online A Levels and International A Levels are officially recognised qualifications.

Universities all over the world accept A Levels and there is no preference as to which one you should choose as they are both equivalent to one another.

That being said, the way the A Levels are structured for learners along with the availability of centres in your area, may help you decide.

Currently, we offer the following awarding bodies for Online A Levels:

UK A Level Courses for Learners


International A Level Courses for Learners


Learners from outside the UK, would find it difficult to sit AQA A Levels outside the UK as this is a UK qualification.

However, learners within the UK can sit CAIE and in some cases Edexcel International A Levels as these are International Qualifications.

Obviously, UK learners can also sit AQA too.

Learners sitting exams WITHIN the UK

The UK A Level changed several years ago.  Originally you would take AS and A2 which made up the Full A Level.  This was a good system for learners as they could split the A Level over two exam series relieving pressure.

Let’s not forget also that you could take a Full A Level.  Or, you could just take an AS Level which would still be a qualification in it’s own right.

Over the years however, there have been a few changes which some people will see as a positive and others may not be so keen on.

Reformed Online A Levels UK

The UK A Level is no longer split into AS and A2.  The A Level is now a linear qualification meaning that when you sit exams for the Full A Level, you must take exam papers at once.  You can no longer split them over two exam series.

You can also still gain an AS Qualification, however once again, this is now a separate qualification to the A Level Courses.  Therefore you can no longer sit exams for AS and top this qualification up at a later date to the Full A Level.

Some people will see this as a disadvantage not being able to split exams over two series, however with the majority of subjects, the exam papers have been reduced from four to three papers.  This has definitely helped learners when preparing for exams.

Sciences – Reformed Online A Levels Courses UK

There have also been new changes to the Science subjects, biology, chemistry, and physics.  Originally, you had to complete the practical part of these courses and it was mandatory.

With the new AQA A Levels there is still a practical to complete.  However, it is a separate endorsement meaning you can still gain a Full A Level qualification without it.

Please note that the separate practical endorsement does not apply to AS Level.

Now, we are certainly not advising learners to not take the practical.  If you are someone who is applying to University and it is for a degree relevant to science, they may require the practical endorsement.  In that case, your course will also cover the practical element and you can complete this endorsement.

However, if you are someone who just requires the course to top-up UCAS points or you are taking the course to refresh your knowledge, it is good to know that you do not need to go down the practical route if you would prefer not to.

UK Learners and CAIE

UK Learners can also take CAIE International Online A Levels within the UK.  Some learners will choose this option over AQA as they can split their exams over two exam series.

Also, subjects such as Geography do not require learners to complete a fieldwork element to the course.  It is 100% exam based.  This makes it more affordable to complete A Levels as a private candidate as you are not paying for the fieldwork element to be completed.

Other reasons why learners choose CAIE is because they can offer interesting subjects not offered elsewhere to private candidates.  Our Computer Science and Marine Science courses have proved to be extremely popular subjects.

UK Learners and Edexcel

In some cases, UK learners can also sit Edexcel International Online A Levels within the UK but please speak to a student advisor if you are choosing the Edexcel International route as exam centres are limited.

It is worth noting that you will still gain UCAS points for an AS Level or a Full A Level Courses regardless of whether it is UK or International.

Let’s now briefly summarise all these points below.


  • Available to UK Learners only
  • Exam series in June only
  • AS and A Level available as separate qualifications
  • Cannot top AS up to Full A Level
  • Science practical endorsement optional


  • Available to International Learners including UK Learners
  • Exam series in June or November depending on the subject
  • AS and A Level available as separate qualifications
  • AS can be topped up to the Full A Level (would need to sit IAS & IA2)
  • Science practical endorsement mandatory


  • Available to International Learners and in some cases, UK Learners too.
  • Exam series in January, June or November depending on the subject
  • AS and A Level available as separate qualifications
  • AS can be topped up to the Full A Level (would need to sit IAS & IA2). Please note that this does exclude Law.
  • Science practical endorsement assessed through written exams.