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Functional Skills ICT Course Level 2

This IT Functional Skills Online Course will develop ICT knowledge as a key life skill, and as a basis for more advanced study.

The course aims to build learners’ confidence by helping them develop a feel for numbers, patterns and relationships, and places a strong emphasis on solving problems and presenting and interpreting results. Learners also gain an understanding of how to communicate and reason using mathematical concepts.


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This ICT Functional Skills Level 2 Online Course is ideal for anyone wishing to gain a knowledge and understanding of this subject. You will also find this course extremely valuable if you are looking for a progression route for further training whilst employed or are applying for a College or University.

This course will help develop students’ knowledge of English as a key life skill and will help form a basis for more advanced study.

The Functional Skills qualification is one of the most popular and flexible of courses. Functional Skills will allow you to gain a level 2 qualification much quicker than if you were to take IGCSES. The exams are available monthly, and can either be sat at a local exam centre or with us online. The course fees on our website include access to our online student portal where you will work alongside a specialised Functional Skills Tutor who will help you as you progress through the study materials and assessments. You will be able to ask your tutor questions throughout and  if you need something explained further your tutor will often send you further materials. As you get more confident, your tutor will set a series of practise exam papers, so you’ll know what to expect in the exams so you should feel confident when you take the real thing.


The course will be delivered online via our online portal, including Tutor Support for 12 months. All assignments are marked by one of our professional Functional Skills Tutors who will offer regular feedback and guide you through your course.

Throughout your course, you'll have the support of a Tutor to guide you. Additionally, you can reach out to the Student Support Team for help with any other questions you may have. You can be assured that you will receive unlimited support for your home study course, so there is no need to struggle or feel isolated during your studies.


You must successfully complete a series of assignments. Once all assignments and activities have been completed satisfactorily, you will then be ready to take your final exam. The final exam can either be sat online, via us, or through one of our many approved examination centre available nationally.

Please Note: Students will be required to arrange and pay for their examinations either online with us, or at an approved centre. We can provide an extensive list of these centres for you.


Using ICT

Introduction to ICT

Word Processing

Basic Formatting

Headers and Footers

Inserting an Image

Mail Merge


Internet Searches



Planning, Drafting and Organising

Planning Writing

Using Paragraphs

Writing in Paragraphs

Finding and Selecting Information

Selecting and Evaluating


Advanced Excel Formulas

Excel Charts and Graphs

IF Functions in Excel



Using Tables


Database Queries




Email Folders

Sending and Receiving Emails

Copying people into messages

Read Receipts

Attaching Files and Documents

Saving Contacts

You may not be required to cover all of the above units. The online portal will determine which areas you will need to cover after you have taken your opening assessment.


You have the freedom to start the course at any time and continue your studies at your own pace for a period of up to 12 months from initial registration with the full support of your Tutor.

Our Functional Skills courses are flexible. We understand that circumstances change and sometimes things can take a little longer. If you go over the 12 month period then talk to us. We are more than happy to discuss these options with you. 

The flexibility of Functional Skills is why it is so popular. They are designed to get you a Level 2 qualification that many universities and employers want quickly. The exams are available monthly, both online and in a local exam centre to yourself. So in theory, you could pass your Functional Skills in a matter of weeks, and gain that Level 2 qualification. 

In order to gain a qualification that is accepted universally, in schools, colleges, universities and in the workplace, you have to take an examination. We know that exams are not always a favourite for some people, so we have tried to make them as hassle free as possible by offering online remote exams for our Functional Skills courses. You can sit them at home, in familiar settings, without the hassle of having to find an exam centre to make it as hassle free as possible. 

Not only that, but if you choose the online remote exams, then should you not pass first time around, then a free resit is included. 

Yes, of course. When you enrol you will work alongside your Functional Skills tutor to work your way through the course. As you complete your tasks, your tutor will set you a series of exam papers to work through to make sure you know what you will be facing in the exam. 

Your tutor wont put you forward to your exam until you are ready, and will set you more practise papers to complete whilst you wait. 

Your tutor will go through the options with you once you are ready. When you are ready, then you will need to pay for your exam fees. 

Once you are booked in, there is typically a 2-4 week wait before sitting the exam, plenty of time to get in some extra revision. 

We can help you find a local exam centre, or we can offer our online remote exams.

Below shows the cost of our online exams where they are remotely invigilated. (which includes one free resit) 

Functional Skills English (3 x exams) £195

Functional Skills Maths (1 x exam) £145

Functional Skills ICT (1 x exam) £145

You may be able to find cheaper exam centres out there should you look around. We can help you with a list of centres in the UK. All of the exam centres set their own fees, so we cant give you exact figures, but typically they range from £80-£200 per exam.

Remote Exam

As well as offering exams via centres, we also offer onscreen remotely invigilated external assessments. 


Below shows the approximate cost of our online exams where they are remotely invigilated 

Functional Skills English (3 x exams) £195 

Functional Skills Maths (1 x exam) £145 

Functional Skills ICT (1 x exam) £145


We do not put learners forward for their exams unless we are confident they are ready. 

Sometimes, an exam can be overwhelming if you have not taken one in a while. Therefore if anything was to happen, we do also offer one free resit within the costs above. Please note that the free resit is only offered with our online exams. 


For you to sit a remotely invigilated assessment you’ll need the following equipment/environment: 

  • Laptop/desktop with webcam and microphone 
  • Wi-Fi connection (Min 1Mbit/s Upload | Min 10Mbit/s Download) 
  • Smartphone or Tablet (Apple iOS 8.0 / Android 4.1 or higher) 
  • Suitable test environment (quiet room with no distractions). 

Your laptop/desktop will run the assessment software and your smart phone or tablet will be used to record you and the assessment. The assessment itself cannot be undertaken on a smartphone or tablet or macbook/chromebook