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Design Courses //

With our online design courses, you can get your creativity flowing. From carpentry and joinery, garden design and interior design, you are sure to find an online course to get your teeth into.

You can learn to transform spaces for clients and undertake projects, while developing a business plan.

If you have a flair for design, our online design courses are for you. Whilst studying our online interior design course, you will learn the history of design and understand decisions designers make and why; whilst learning classic designs and exploring the room elements which influence your design. You will also learn how to develop a business plan.

Course Subjects //

We offer a large range of subjects for our Learners.  Please see below for our full list.

Carpentry and Joinery

Garden Design

Interior Design

What will be required?

To complete one of our design courses you will need to be creative, imaginative and artistic. Designers will also need to be disciplined, organised and skilled businesspeople. There will also be a level of problem solving allowing you to use your brain to come up with creative ways to solve them. This will allow you to be fully professional and excellent with time management, whilst working in the trade industry.

Carpentry and Joinery Level 3 will develop your knowledge of the carpentry field. Carpentry is a very skilled trade that will allow you to transform mainly wood into sellable items. You will also understand the different types of timber and how to prepare and use them. The demand for carpenters is on the rise with wood and interior design being revived over recent years.

The online garden design course will help you learn the principles of garden design. You will learn to understand the importance of site and soil and the art of hard and soft landscaping. This course will use the combination of knowledge and aesthetic vision, to enable you as a garden designer to work with clients and create a client’s dream landscape.

With our online design courses, you can be flexible in completing your course. You will be able to complete the course faster if you wish or take your time. This will allow you to focus on your education whilst fitting the course around your schedule.

Our courses will give you tutor support and assignments will be marked by professional tutors. These tutors will offer regular feedback that will guide you through your course.