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Education Courses //

A career in education can be so rewarding and we offer numerous online courses to help you find your place in the education sector.

Not only will you learn to assist teaching in a rewarding profession, you will also learn so much about yourself as well. We offer many pathways, from to Teaching Assistant Level 2 online course to Higher Level Teaching Assistant level 4.

We are able to offer courses at all levels; this means you can begin at what level you feel comfortable with. Our online courses mean that you can work around your studies and be flexible with your education.


Course Subjects //

We offer a large range of education courses.  Please see below for our full list.

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

SEN Teaching Assistant Level 2

SEN Teaching Assistant Level 3

Starting a Child Care Business

Teaching Assistant Level 2 Course

Teaching Assistant Level 3 Course

Education //

With our online learning courses, you will gain the rewarding experience of working in education and you will be able to influence children’s futures by helping them to succeed. Your aim will be to help all students with a range of needs and abilities.

With International Home Study Online Learning College Teaching Assistant Level 2 course, you will develop your skills in supporting teachers; which in turn, will allow them to concentrate on teaching. You will also support any children with more complex needs. To do this you may be working one-to-one or in smaller groups. As you gain experience you may gain the responsibility of supervising classes, if the teacher is absent for a short period. As a teaching assistant you will have a more personal experience than if you were a teacher. This is very important with classes, as you will help students that may get lost in the crowd.

With our Higher Level Teaching Assistant Level 4 online course. You will learn to again support children with individual needs, develop skills in how to create positive relationships between students and staff, gain awareness of correct behaviour management and assist with development through ICT, music and games.

Our online learning courses enable you to study from anywhere, with ease of flexibility, providing you with 12 months tutor support to assist you. All assignments will be marked by your Tutor, with the offer of regular feedback to help you understand how you are progressing with your course. Our online education courses will allow you to create a pathway to enter the education sector with confidence in your knowledge of supporting children. You will gain an understanding of conditions such as dyslexia, physical needs or impairments and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This can help you to be able to pick up on special needs or social issues from the skills you have gained from our online course.