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IGCSE Courses //

At International Home Study, we offer IGCSE online courses, the international equivalent of the UK standard GCSE. 

GCSE stands for General Certificate in Secondary Education. While traditionally studied in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland as part of the national curriculum at Key Stage 4 level – the IGCSE is recognised by established awarding bodies and exam boards internationally.

When studying with International Home Study, we do not ask for any entry requirements to access the course; they are an accessible course of study for learners of all ages.

IGCSE Courses

Course Subjects //

We offer a large range of IGCSE subjects for our learners.  Please see below for our full list.





Combined Science

Computer Science


English First Language

English Literature

English Second Language

Further Pure Maths




Marine Science




Travel & Tourism

Learn Online with Distance Learning //

IGCSE grades are recognised by educational institutions and employers alike, they show proof of knowledge and competence in a subject, as well as acting as a steppingstone to higher levels of study. 

You can find IGCSEs in a variety of subjects whether your interest is Science, History, English or Maths. There is something for everyone!

Why should I take an IGCSE?

IGCSEs are considered the most popular qualification recognised internationally for 14-16-year olds; though can be taken at any age. IGCSEs can create a pathway to higher education and can even give you the opportunity to study or work overseas. They allow you to develop skills that will enable you to find more opportunities in life, whether this be travel opportunities or career opportunities. Because of the flexibility of our online college courses, learners agree that this is the easiest way to study, as even if you are continually changing location, it does not affect your studies in any way.

Is IGCSE harder than GCSE?

IGCSE and GCSE qualifications are very similar and are accepted by universities and sixth form collages on an equivalent basis. The differences between IGCSE and GCSEs are now minimal; the main difference being that IGCSEs do not require coursework. Another difference is that GCSEs are mainly designed for a UK audience, whereas IGCSEs are available throughout the world (including the UK). Although many people perceive GCSEs to be harder, this is not the case and specifications are similar, with similar outcomes.

Are IGCSEs equivalent to GCSEs?

IGCSEs and GCSEs are accepted as equivalents qualifications. This means you can use either to gain entry to university, sixth form colleges or independent schools around the world.

Our IGCSE Online Courses

Dependant on the awarding body and subject, IGCSE exams are taken in January, June and November. Feel free to contact us at International Home Study, and we will be able to let you know when the exam date for your chosen subject is and what options are available to you for your study.

International Home Study offers a range of courses at Key Stage 4. Along with the core subjects of English, Maths and the Sciences, there are many IGCSE subjects ranging from Business Studies to Geography, and Accounting to Religious Studies.

How are IGCSEs graded?

The old grading system for IGCSEs, consisted of grades A*- G, however this has been replaced over the last few years by the 9-1 grading system. The highest grade using this system is 9, and 1 is the lowest. Obviously, this does not include U (ungraded). If you achieve a grade 9, it is considered that you have performed exceptionally well as there are fewer grade 9s awarded than A*s.

Whilst the 9-1 grading system is used throughout the UK, there are many international schools who still use the old A*- G system and International Home Study will continue to support either system for as long as required.

The IGCSE is 100% based on exam results, and the assignments that you will complete throughout the course will prepare you to sit the exams. When studying an IGCSE online with International Home Study, students will be provided with all materials needed to complete their course, along with the support of their dedicated Tutor. Learners will be able to monitor their performance at any time, as graded feedback will be available on the student portal in real time.

Studying an IGCSE online course, is a good option for learners who are looking to progress onto A Levels but feel they would like to get a feel for the subject first, as well as providing a natural progression route to further learning.

Whilst International Home Study provides two years tutor support, learners who wish to complete their course sooner can fast-track at no extra cost with our flexible learning plan.

More information can be found here

How do I choose which subject to study?

Maths and English are the most popular subjects for job opportunities and university admissions; however, we have many different and interesting courses, so you are sure to find something that spikes your interest. You may decide on a subject relevant to your future career or you could choose a subject that is just of interest to you. Whichever the case, we want you to enjoy your learning experience with us and thrive in your chosen subject.

Our most popular science subjects is IGCSE Physics, where you will learn investigative skills and laboratory safe techniques. You will learn about scientific methods and how to form a hypothesis. Physics is the science of matter and energy.

IGCSE History  will allow you to go back in time and study past events. Learn about historical events and analyse the social, economic, and political implications of events during the 20thcentury.

Do you want to experience travel and culture? IGCSE Travel and Tourism may be the course for you. You will learn how to use your theoretical knowledge of products and services to learn how to plan the best experiences for clients.


The course contains a number of assignments which your tutor will mark and give you valuable feedback on. You will also have access to a range of online resources including practice exam papers.

Students will be required to arrange and pay for their examinations at an approved centre when an examination forms part of the course. We can provide an extensive list of these centres for you and our student liaison Team will be on hand to advise you of the nearest centre to your location as well as help with examination dates.

Differences between Cambridge and Edexcel Online Exam boards.

Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel IGCSE courses are international qualifications. Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSEs can be taken worldwide including the United Kingdom. Both exam boards offer a similar specification however different courses can have a different structure. Both the Cambridge and Edexcel Online courses are full International GCSE qualifications.

What does my enrolment fee include?

Course fees for payment in full include:

  • Assessment and feedback on all assignments.
  • Access to your personal Tutor via our online portal.
  • Access to a range of online resources, student materials, assessments, assignments, eBooks etc.
  • Practice exam papers to prepare you for the real thing.
  • Tutor references and predicted grades (once a satisfactory amount of work has been completed).
  • Help finding an exam centre for you to sit your exam

Interested but would still like more information? Please feel free to use our chat service below, where you can speak to a real person or complete our contact form and one of our student advisors will get back to you and answer any questions you might have.

New Course: IGCSE English as a Second Language (ESL)

We are proud to announce that we can now offer IGCSE English as a Second Language (ESL) with Cambridge or Edexcel.

IGCSE ESL is for learners whose first language is not English.  The course will develop your ability to understand and use English in a wide range of circumstances.  Our course in English as a Second Language breaks down each topic with easy to follow videos on spelling, punctuation and grammar along with interactive lessons.

At the end of the course, exams will lead to an internationally recognised qualification accepted by colleges and universities worldwide.