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The Benefits of Online College Courses

Since time began, learning has been at the forefront of change, with progress being made around the world, every day. International Home Study are passionate about teaching and are proud to enable many learners throughout the world to achieve their goals through an online learning platform.

Today, digital learning has appeared as an essential resource for college courses and online learning. All over the globe, educators are introducing a unique service for educational and training programs that include:

All of the courses mentioned above are under the support of tutors.

online courses

Online learning is now relevant to learning academics and extends to learning additional activities for students, whilst completing their college courses. The demand for virtual learning is prevailing and becoming a reliable and competitive form of learning. It takes both science and proficiency to put best practices in training together and then to execute in a user-friendly way.

What is online learning?

There is a type of education that happens only on the Internet through a student learning portal, named online learning. It is frequently referred to as “e-learning,” amongst other terms. Nevertheless, online learning is just a sort of “distance learning,” delivered through virtual sources and not in a conventional face to face classroom. Distance learning has a long history, and there are several types available today, including:

  • Online Learning
  • Correspondence Courses
  • Tele-courses
  • CD-ROM Courses
  • Mobile Learning

study onlineBy far, the most across-the-board practice is online learning. The ease of enrolment and access to an online portal, makes the process easy as there is no waiting for course materials to arrive in the post.  It is also a preferred option for international students who do not want to wait for their course to arrive by courier, many weeks down the line. The number of students per course in physical classes is far less than the number of registrations in virtual courses as the course tutor is able to look after more students and give detailed answers to queries more easily. Within a short time, many people can easily acquire knowledge and skills with college courses online.

Virtual institutes serve students throughout the world to enable them to attain a quality education and recognised qualifications that can improve lives and prospects considerably.

How is education conducted through online Platforms?

In the past few years, teachers had to create their “virtual classrooms” from scratch, which was challenging and frequently led to poor results. Things have now changed considerably:

  • Expert staff prepare courses and upload them to the student portal.
  • Students access the study material and assessments through the student portal.
  • Besides offering many resources, it also enables students to submit their assignments.
  • Students get their assignments graded with feedback and access the tutor’s feedback through the online platform.
  • References and predicted grades are provided for University applications in order that the education process can continue with ease.

A Course Management System (CMS) software is also used. CMS allows tutors to plan and deliver their studies within a flexible structure that includes various tools to enable learning and communication.

Functionalities of Online Learning

The CMS functionality allows mentors to deliver course content, empower communications, and conduct assessments. The tools presented by CMS include:

  • Syllabus
  • Schedule
  • Tests & Quizzes
  • Announcements
  • Modules
  • Messenger
  • Assignments
  • Gradebook

distance learningWhat Benefits are Provided by Online Learning

With minimum requirements and modern technology, a student can acquire a world-class education and training through online courses. Moreover, flexible of study also enables students to simultaneously work for a living and attain education anytime and anywhere. Online learning provides an incredible method of sharing knowledge regardless of time or location, allowing for accessibility to learning in any location that has internet access. Many features are:

  • Innovative Teaching
  • Convenience
  • Interaction
  • Enhanced Learning
  • Level Playing Field
  • Outreach
  • Improved Administration
  • Savings
  • Maximise Physical Resource

Principles of Effective Teaching

  • Tutors follow seven principles of good teaching
  • Emphasise time on task
  • Encourage active and independent learning
  • Encourage student collaboration
  • Give feedback
  • Boost student-college interaction
  • Recognition of various talents and methods of learning
  • Communicate outcomes

Available Services

All the courses are provided with Tutor support. All the students can access their courses through the student portal, study their allotted material, and can submit their assignments back to assigned tutors to get evaluated.

  • A-Levels
  • IGCSE’s
  • Functional skills courses
  • RQF

How it works

  • Get matched with a Personal Tutor who works in the College.
  • Mentorship from education specialists
  • In-depth career services
  • Detailed feedback and reviews

International Home StudyWhy Choose International Home Study?

International Home Study are experts in global learning, understanding the challenges faced by international students studying their online college courses.

The most important thing is that learners are able to gain their qualifications on time and are provided with everything needed to cover each course comprehensively. Tutors are also available to answer any questions and offer guidance.

Before examinations are sat, practice exam papers will be provided together with guidance to ensure that there is a thorough understanding of what is required in order to satisfy the examiners requirements. Every student will be placed in the best possible position to gain the grades they are aiming for.

Time differences are not an issue as the online portal doesn’t go to sleep and is open and available 24 hours a day in order to study and submit assessments.

Students remain focused and organised with directions given in a timely manner. There is also the use of online handouts to add to resource section together with assignments, announcements, study recaps, skills reinforcement programs etc.

Effortless collaboration with particular trainees or the whole class can be made in just a few clicks and instant reviews of student progress.

Examination of which students have completed or not completed assignments can be viewed at a glance and therefore monitoring of all learners can be carried out easily.

Personalise Instruction

The progress of each student and trainee are confidential, and only the student or tutor can have access to progress reports and the marking system. Each student gets the mapped program for improvement depending on the progress chart.

Final thoughts!

Content is accessible 24 hours a day, which makes it ideal for students all over the world and there is no set time to study, therefore learners can choose to complete their studies at anytime and anywhere.

Join the millions of people from all walks of life who have come to learn the vital skills they need to live and work in the 21st century. Access to college courses and online learning is just at your doorstep; all you need is self-determination and access to the internet.